Your digital infrastructure

Premium quality

Highly secure

Excellent customer service

We offer datacenter services of the highest quality standards on edge and hub locations. Our locations are highly secure and are excellent connected. We have a strong focus on customer service and custom tailoring for your specific technical needs.

Our services

At the heart of the digital infrastructure are datacenters, the digital factories of the 21st century. They are connected with redundant fiber routes to move the data between datacenters to end-users and internet exchanges. Penta Infra invests in high quality datacenter assets across Europe, and works together with you to provide a tailor-made solution based on your specifications.


Racks, cages and suites to house your IT and network equipment. We offer different power configurations for different system setups.

Datacenter as a Service

Build-to-suit datacenters for specific needs. Operate your IT infrastructure asset and resource light.


Together with our partners, we can offer different network solutions including dark fiber, IP-Transit and connections to internet and cloud exchanges.

Disaster recovery

Specialized managed business continuity services are available at our locations.


Permanent and temporary highly secure offices and workplaces close to your equipment.

Fast and cool, yet sustainable.

Without sacrificing on quality, we keep our datacenters’ ecological footprint to the absolute minimum.

Our datacenters